Stef Paglia Trio

Stef Paglia Trio on Youtube

"Stand Up!"

Stef Paglia Trio on Youtube

"Can't Let Go"  Live at De Loods

Stef Paglia Trio on Youtube

"Watch Out" Live at Gevarenwinkel Festival


Stef Paglia picked up a guitar for the first time when he was just 12 years old. His father introduced him to the blues via guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan. He instantly caught the
blues fever that has shaped the artist he is today. Stef is part of two successful European touring bands, The BluesBones (winner Belgian Blues Challenge 2016) and Kaz Hawkins
(winner of the European Blues Challenge 2017). He has also shared stages with top international artists like: Laurence Jones, Danny Bryant and the Nimmo Brothers. His
influences include a wide variety of musical genres from bluesrock to soul, classic rhythm and blues to Americana. Stef creates his own style by incorporating honest elements of the blues,
lyrics with deep meaningful and heart wrenching messages, which create a special interactionbetween Stef’s trio of musicians. With Geert Schurmans on bass and Sven Bloemen on drums,
the Stef Paglia Trio created in 2017, generates a tight energetic atmosphere where he performs to sell out crowds across Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2019 he released his
debut album ‘Never Forget’ - recorded in the UK - and the new EP 'Light and Darknes' has just been released.


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Stef Paglia Trio
15 apr 2023

Heyhoef Backstage - Tilburg
Stef Paglia Trio
17 may 2023

Don Petrol - Tielt-Winge
Stef Paglia Trio
24 jun 2023

Roepaen - Ven-Zelderheide