The Tasmanian Devil


The Tasmanian Devil

Rob "The Tasmanian Devil" Tognoni comes from Tasmania and plays with the same frenzy that the Looney Tunes character would have done if he were a guitarist. In Rob's guitar playing, tracks are heard by BB King as well as Hendrix and AC / DC, so he plays rocking blues.

Rob started his musical career in the band Skidrow Boys and in the 90's he became a musician under his own name. Rob has over 20 slices in his luggage, the latest being named "Catfish Cake" (2020) where the beautiful "Fat Orange Man" is included.

Rob has shared the stage with artists and bands such as Peter Green, Sting and ZZ-top and has performed at various events such as prisons and football tournaments. In addition, he represented Australia at the Danish wedding between Crown Prince Fredrik and Princess Mary in 2004.

If it's nice enough for a royal wedding, it's nice enough for each festival and club. Of course the Tasmanian Devil is coming your way!


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