Bepop & Covid-19

It's pretty much an open door to say that Covid-19 has hit the world hard. And therefore also the music industry. As a small, independent agency we can only add our tiny contribution to eliviate the pain. Therefore we give promotors maximum flexibility in moving and - if necessary - cancelling shows. And ofcourse flexibility on terms of payment, especially in the field of deposits. We're happy with the relationships we've build up with promotors over the last 35 years. And we want to keep that bond and build on it further. And do so directly with those promotors. And ofcourse with all other players like tourmanagers, sound & light engineers, production crews, PA companies, press promotors and lots more. Including ofcourse all volunteers who also keep this industry afloat.

Since shows & tours are being moved daily we made some small changes on our site. That made it possible to have original date announced and publish at the same time the latest info, like new show- or tourdates. We hope that it's a small incentive for people who've bought tickets to hang on to those tickets and use them on the new date. Yeah, small step for mankind indeed. We hope to see the attached picture again in the very near foreseeable future.