Emily Hill back@Bosuil Weert

Emily Hill back@Bosuil Weert on Youtube

"Mojo Hannah" Flint, Flirting With The Blues, Amersfoort, 2021

Emily is only 21 so what good is comes early or fast. Or both! It took longer to find the right name. For some reason Jon Spencer was not happy with the extension & The Blues Explosion. Check! The new name (and beyond) uttered in English  was associated with something not very positive. But now year and a half after the start we got it: EMILY HILL. Everybody can think about that whatever they like. There are hills everywhere in in Europe and for a longlasting, enduring, sustainable career you need to climb all. First slope in beautifull province Limburg, FridayFebruary 18th, Bosuil in Weert. The second show of the band there after the first 19 months ago. Preparatios are in full swing. And even more thorough than ususal. Band even hired a tourmanager just for this show. Because of all too well known reasons there was just an occassional show last years for which everybody was gratefull. Now everybody is more than eager to bring their fresh and eclectic mix of blues, soul, New Orleans, with a bit of jazz and gospel. Their adaptions of well known songs with not only Em' stunning vocals & performance but high end backing vocal harmonies of the bandmembers. Em  about return to big stage " I almost lost my mind when I couldn't perform. It's what I love the most and is who I am".