Wille Edwards


Wille Edwards is ofcourse the frontman and driving force of Wille & The Bandits. This UK band has really built up their career 'old fashioned grass roots style': in the sense that they've toured the whole world, doin' incredible long drives just for one of shows. It seems that the longer the drive - at times within 24 hours from Cornwall to late evening Euro fest slots and then straight back after the shows, leaving audiences more exhausted than themselves - the more they enjoyed that. Arriving with a smile, being friendly to everybody and giving whole heartedly attention and respect to the people who bought tickets. Guy behind that all, Wille Edwards is now doing some solo shows. Starting in the UK with charity shows and raising money for people less well of, even though ofcourse Covid-19 also effected Will's main source of income. The solo shows are as intense as the band shows. Will is known and respected for being an incredible slide guitarist and his vocals are compared with for instance Chris Cornell (Soundgarden). Expect an eclectic mix of heavy folk, delta blues and a twist of psychedelica. The latter only within the music ofcourse. Because you can only do the extra mile - on the road and in shows - if you're fit. Either through surfin' at Cornwall coast or energise your brain. His life style and his music are not two different entities. They blend together. Ladies & gentmen: here is Wille Edwards


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