The real Mississippi Juke Stuff!

Mississippi Juke Ambassadors on Youtube
Mississippi Juke Ambassadors on Youtube

The real Mississippi Juke Stuff!

Juke joints have been in existence for over 140 years. Often housed in ramshackle buildings on the outskirts of southern American towns, the blues music performed in these ‘jooks’ is raw and spirited. It thumps and throbs. It induces spontaneous body movement. It’s party music. Couples dance close and sweaty. The roof probably leaks and moonshine is the preferred beverage. It’s real. It’s rowdy. Everyone’s there to escape the demands of their day.

Over the decades, the music played in these establish- ments evolved from the simple banjo and fiddle jigs and reels, through to ragtime to folk rags to boogie-woogie to barrelhouse and, finally, on to the blues—and specific to this area—the Delta blues. The Mississippi Juke Ambassadors represent the present day incantation of that legacy.

Thus far, The Mississippi Juke Ambassadors have taken this music to four continents and twenty countries. Each artist has logged over a thousand hours performing in Mississippi juke joints and has played countless house parties in the Delta and Hill Country. This style of raucous blues is in their blood. They don’t just play it, they live it. It’s an expression of their souls.

And, as everyone on the Delta knows, when the sun goes down, it’s time to boogie.

Carlos Elliot Jr /  Anthony Big A Sherrod / Robert Kimbrough Sr Bobby Gentilo (from the legendary Cornlickers) guitar,  Lee Williams: drums //// Heather Crosse: Bass 

Mississippi Juke Ambassadors are some of the best musicians playing in the true authentic Juke Joints of Mississippi.


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