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Taylor Ahmadi, guitarist / singer, main man of Marfa Motel's story truly isn’t something for a short bio. You would expect something like a teenage boy who discovered his love for music as a young child who could barely even talk starting to hit a few keys on a keyboard wich is partly true. It goes further down the line than that. Taylor was born in Frankfurt Germany January 2nd 1992. His first interaction with becoming a musician was when his mother took him to get a piano lesson but Taylor wasn’t really interested until he saw a band walk by. 

He was hooked on the drums and guitar he saw those kids carrying being just 4 years old. The first time he heard the intro to money for nothing he told his mom.. that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thats an early age for any kid to find his calling. When Taylor was 11 years old his uncle, came and visited the kids family from Texas and brought a surprise along with him. A Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. That was the day Taylor knew what he was destined for. No matter how hard it might be and no matter how people say it’s a hard business, he knew if he would stick with it, he would eventually make something out of his passion for Rock n Roll.

Taylor started his first band a few months later when he met two kids at the local skatepark and started writing his own songs, even played for a sold out crowd of 1000 people right before he was sent of to boarding school in Switzerland. After 2 Years of living in Switzerland his uncle asked him to move out to Texas and stay with him where Taylor started and finished highschool. Life in Texas had changed this kid for ever and after moving back in 2010 he would soon come to realize that his very being was not the same anymore and he just couldn’t find a way to fit back in Germany. 

After being part of a reckless youth in San Antonio Texas, running from cops as a drunk minor zad managing to through the wildest party’s in the San Antonio high school district along with his friends from O’Connor, Clark or Brandeis HS this kid turned out to be a complete loner after his move back to Europe because no one would get this kid anymore. 

Dreams to big, plans impossible… Europe turned out to be to close minded for people even wanting to be able to dream. This really paints a picture of a lonely flower in the desert.

No matter what people would say Taylor wrote a few songs and went into the studio and recorded them himself because finding a band in the suburbs of Germany just didn’t work out. 

He would sit in his apartment for six months straight and write his first record “Inside Out“, planning on going out on the look for band members with that record. 

He failed to find members who were serious about the band like he was but he didn’t let that stop him from going back into the studio in 2017 and recording his second EP “Being Human“.

He built himself a small studio in the addict of a live venue where he would work on new material and audition for band members again and again until he came to realize the suburbs where just not the place to be for a rock band to form. 

With nothing but these two records he decided to move out to Mannheim/ Germany where without him realizing it “The story would begin“. 

Taylors friend was in touch with some local guys who would organize a secret festival every year and sent them the two EP’s Taylor had recorded at the time. They booked Taylor for that show, yet Taylor had no band to play with. 

And that’s when Simon Schneider, a 18 year old boy at the time with the talents of a true legend came along. As soon as Simon had heard “Inside Out“ he got in touch with Taylor and recorded himself playing the songs on drums. That was the beginning of Marfa Motel right there.

At the same time they were looking for a bass player and just posted looking for a bass player where a few days later a guy named Max Damm ( TV Film Maker ) got in touch with them and said he would like to come and play. After the festival they were in need of a new bass player because Max Damm was busy doing Movies for TV and knew Marfa Motel needed a full time bass player so it was back to Simon and Taylor being alone in the band room trying to figure out how to get gigs and musicians to join the band. The band up to then was called “The 45ers“. 

Taylor started creating a website and came up with the name Marfa Motel. 

Marfa Motel kind of reminds him of home. Marfa, a small town in Texas known for U.F.O spottings 

In the sky. Motel, for always being on the run and not having the feeling of having a home.

After designing a website and making things look a bit more professional Taylor started sending emails to venues asking for a slot as an opener. It started of with a show in Munich, and slowly turned out to become a tour of nearly 40 shows over 6 months of time. 

They turned out to play pretty much every possible venue through out all of Germany in 2019. 

The word had spread and they even got to headline a few Festivals as a main act and even got to do a radio show. 

At the time in 2019 Marfa Motel was a 4 piece patchwork band. They had 6 different bass players on tour. At one of these shows Taylor would run into Nico Peifer in Karlsruhe Germany who was on stage with a different band the same night Marfa Motel played. Taylor was convinced that he would be the right guy for the band but Nico at the time had denied and said he was too busy to get into a serious project like Marfa Motel. 

2 years later Nico reconsidered and said he would help out as a sub for a show and they started rehearsing. The show, again was canceled because of new Covid-19 restrictions. 

So after a few rehearses Nico was about to leave the band. 

They had shook hands good bye and when Taylor got home he would tell his girlfriend that he had a very bad feeling about Nico leaving the band because he felt like they were destined to be together. A few days later Nico called Taylor and they talked about future plans and how they felt about splitting up and that’s when it got clear that Nico would stay in the band. 

This is what you don’t see a lot any more. This is a band of musicians straight out of a garage. 

This is a group of friends going through the ups and downs of a rock band in the business like they did in the 70’s. 

From sleeping in the back of a Van to being invited to one of the very few top studios in Germany to work on their next record. This is Marfa Motel. A group of 3 guys who make a point out of you can’t learn to rock n roll at some fancy pants university. 

Either you feel it or you don’t. 

Marfa Motel is a Rock band who’s roots lay way down in the desert of Texas. 

"Give Me Fire" marks the ultimate kick start of Marfa Motel into the world of Rock 'n' Roll. Powerful guitar riffs, an insanely tight rhythm section and straight forward.

Basslines will please any kind of rock lovers. Roughness, drive andattitude is what makes this song stand out mixed with unconditional  authenticity





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