Emily H.


Emily H.

“The blues is nothing but a good man feelin’ bad.”. Well, actually the blues is a lot more. More divers. Not only for man. Not just about feeling sad and lowdown. Emily H. is only 20 years old, obviously not a man and full of life, energy and joy. Selected to start at the Utrecht conservatory, already a much in demand singer and composer at the famous Wisseloord Studios and talk of the Amersfoort town, handpicked by promotors of the Flirtin’ With The Blues Festival. Emmelien (her real name) is the daughter of extraordinary musician Tony Hilbers, who died when she was only 1 year old. Musicians around Tony kept in contact with the remaining family. And spotted and fed and nurtured her talent. At the age of 13 she won a school competition with her version of “Jolene”, definitely  not the easiest song to sing. Roland Jenster – seasoned music pro – was one of the friends of Tony. He started teaching and coaching Emily and is now the bandleader of  her band The Blues Explosion. With that band Emily made her big stage debut at the tender age of 16 at the “Rabobank Jazz Festival”.

Enough history: it’s about the voice! Emily can deliver a song with diction, emotion and charisma, very rarely heard from singers at her age. So all insiders are sure that pretty soon Emily will be the talk of many other towns. Emily H is looking forward with youthful energy and optimism. She wants to bring that message and attitude everywhere, either with her full band or in a more intimate version


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