Leading Dutch Rhythm & Blues Band


Leading Dutch Rhythm & Blues Band

In 2019 Barrelhouse celibrated it's 45th year anniversary! In ‘74 was the first show and the release of first lp. It was a bluesy album. Blues originates somewhere around 1900 and has evolved ofcourse since then. But the essence of blues has remained the same.

Barrelhouse kept evolving during all those years. They worked together with legend Albert Collins and did numerous shows all over Europe. From prestigeous international fests like North Sea Jazz (NL) and Blue Balls (CH) to the tiniest, intimate club and church. Barrelhouse continuously kept evolving all those years. There are many different influences to be heard in the sound of the band. But the essence of Barrelhouse remains the same. Bluesy and soulful, hypnotising and heartfelt in the ballads, then again abundantly swinging in the up tempo songs. The line up stayed the same, fronted by leading lady Tineke Schoemaker with the most beautiful and intriguing blues voice in the Netherlands. After all the years Barrelhouse remains a top notch band, on cd and live.

Tineke Schoemaker - vocals
Johnny LaPorte - guitar
Han van Dam - piano
Guus LaPorte - guitar
Bob Dros - drums
Jan Willem Sligting - bass, accordeon, doublebass


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30 mar 2024

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